Typewriter Letterpress Notecard Set

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Did you know, at the end of the nineteenth century, the term "typewriter" was also applied to a person who used such a device? It's hard not to look back on these mechanical devices without a sense of longing for a simpler time. This beautiful typewriter design in glorious gold is juxtaposed against vivid orange, and is printed on a vintage windwill press. The perfect card for any occasion.

Letterpress printing uses a press that inks the image then ‘stamps’ the paper. The process has changed little since the Gutenberg bible was published in 1455. These days a few of the manual processes have been replaced by engineering advances, but it is still guided through under the watchful eye of a master printer. The end result is a product with a unique texture and an unrivalled finish.



Product: 5 greeting cards with envelope. Blank inside.

Material: Printed on sustainably sourced paper goods / Product & Wrapping 100% compostable

Dim​: Approx. 5" L × 3.4" W

Item Number:  APP263