Secret New York: An Unusual Guide (2nd edition)

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Discover Secret Gardens, decipher ancient riddles on tombstones, observe the stars and planets through a university telescope, frown at a bronze statue of Lenin, harvest mastodon food in Central Park, enjoy the aroma of a roomful of dirt, find a Venetian palazzo above a former stable, spot the forbidden island that was once declared a sovereign nation by a guy in a rowboat, track down a townhouse concealing a subway tunnel, walk under the canopy of the primeval forest, read a memorial plaque to an event that happened in another dimension, fall into a trance before a piece of subway art that flickers and moves, have your bicycle blessed in church. Secret New York - An Unusual Guide is an indispensable resource for those who thought they already knew everything about America's metropolis or want to begin exploring its hidden places.

Contributors: TM Rives

Pages: 160

Type: Paperback

Dimensions:  0.7" H x 7.4" L x 5.2" W

Item Number:  9782361952372