Fisher Space Pen Bullet

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Enjoy a sleek, elegant pen that always gets the job done. ​Developed in the 1960s, Fisher Space Pens feature a sealed and pressurized cartridge that enables the user to write underwater, over grease, at any angle, upside down, three times longer than the average pen, in extreme temperatures ranging from -30°F to +250°F, and in zero gravity. The model for this Space Pen is made from an actual .375 H & H Mag Shell.

When closed, the Bullet Space Pen is the perfect size to carry in your wallet, pocket, purse, car glove box, organizer, or toolbox, measuring a compact 3¾ inches.

Made in: USA

Material: Brass and bullet shell

Dim: Open 5 6/8''  /  Closed 3¾"

Item number: 400.375