Hot Cakes Jewelry

Carved resin jewelry, with a uniquely modern look covers every corner of Favor, the retail side of Hotcakes Design Jewelry.  Hotcakes Design began after a complete stranger bought designer Caramia’s newly created bracelet right off of her wrist!  Since then she has crafted big bold pieces; nothing prim or proper here!  All of her jewelry is made in her Berkeley, California studio

The Hot Cakes collection is currently in store only.

Peg and Awl - Book Necklaces & Desk Items

Peg and Awl

We are husband and wife with a boy called Søren and a boy called Silas. We live and work in Philadelphia, Penna. Our work is made from olde things, treasures found and recovered from misfortune and neglect, relics of the unusual, the confused and the macabre, cut and pulled and built into wearable curiosities, inscribable keepsakes and useable, longlasting treasures. We used to make them for ourselves and now we make them for everyone.

Kathy Bransfield - Silver and Gold Necklaces

Kathy Bransfield

Kathy sprouted in the backbone of America’s Midwest; Cincinnati Ohio, where she spent her childhood outside climbing trees, fishing for bluegill, and pursuing any and all craft projects that came her way. At the age of 13, she befriended a man from Nigeria who was selling African trade beads at a flea market. That began an obsession that started her on her jewelry path. Having attended the prestigious School for the Creative and Performing Arts, she left home at 15 and began selling her wears to finance her travels across the country while following the band The Grateful Dead.

Max Gunawan - Lumio Book Light

With a background as an architect, Max Gunawan has long held a passion for minimal design, and clean lines that optimize the use of small spaces. It was from this passion that Lumio emerged. Born in Jakarta , Max is currently based in San Francisco.

Jan Michaels - Vintage Inspired Jewlery

Jan Michaels

Handcrafted in her San Francisco Bay Area studio, Jan has adorned a generation of women around the world. Supported by a team of talented women artisans, Jan Michaels is known as fashion's chic collectibles.

Starting as a young girl in Pittsburgh hunting for stones and tiny treasures, Jan's eye for ornamentation grew into a full-fledged jewelry business. Her signature ability to invoke the spirit of a people, a tribe or civilization in her jewelry never fails to ignite our imagination and further our quest for living life to its fullest.

The Jan Michaels collection is currently in store only.


Stefanie Freydont - Extasia Glass Entaglio Necklaces

Extasia sprang out of the creative genius of its founder, Stefanie Freydont. She envisioned a line of jewelry that emanated classic beauty, old world craftsmanship, and yet stepped right out in front of the most current fashion trend, with fresh and timeless aplomb. We launch 4 new collections a year, all original designs, and most of it hand crafted here in our Northern California workshop. Extasia jewelry is meticulously detailed, in a full palette of colors, to compliment any wardrobe.

Our hand pressed glass intaglios are made in a small Bavarian village, using original steel molds and techniques unchanged from the 1800s. Our shell cameos are hand carved by artisans in the tiny Italian seaside village, Torre Del Grecco, where the art of cameo carving is said to have first developed.

The Extasia collection is currently in store only.