14K Gold I Love You More Necklace

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"I love you, I love you more."

Some say that when illiteracy was widespread, a person would mark a legal document with an X, and then, to affirm the integrity of their "signature" the X was kissed as a solemn oath. This necklace bears a message of love, interspersed with kisses, and repeated ad infinitum in a Möbius strip, a form that has no beginning and no end. Named after the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius (17901868), it represents the seeming paradox of a plane without end or one of infinite length. As such it became a symbol for infinity, an appropriate shape for this heartfelt design. 

Inspired by antique and ancient jewelry inscribed with poetry and words of love, Laurel Elliott creates pieces that celebrate what we wear as a reflection of who we are and where we’ve been. Jewelry molds are made and cut by hand for casting with a technique in use since ancient times.

Important: All gold jewelry is custom made and takes approx. 4 weeks. There is a 20% restocking fee on standard 14K gold accessories. 


Made in: USA

Product: Double Möbius strip pendant necklace

Material: 14 Karat Gold

Dim: Pendant diameter 1" / Chain 18"

Item Number: PE01N14K