Cream Map of Manhattan Wooden Wall Art

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Cream Map of Manhattan Wooden Wall Art
Cream Map of Manhattan Wooden Wall Art

With John Randel serving as surveyor, this Commissioners’ map and survey of Manhattan Island was drawn in 1811. Early Manhattan grew organically, but as the city’s population expanded rapidly, tripling between 1790 and 1810, plans were developed to prepare for and regulate the city’s anticipated growth northward. 

As handmade pieces of artwork, Fire & Pine’s wood wall decorations have a unique wood grain, tone, and potential knots that give them distinctive qualities. Woodworking artisans handle each piece of natural, untreated pine wood through a unique, one-of-a-kind burnt wood process. Wood is milled, ripped, sanded, and joined by skilled craftsmen in Ridgeland, South Carolina. Fire & Pine uses ethically sourced wood from the United States, and they are committed to sustainability practices that protect our trees.

The Library’s Manuscripts and Archives division holds one of three original manuscript versions of this illuminating document. You can learn more about the history of this artifact in NYPL's Treasures Audio Guide.


Made in: USA

Product: Papier Blanc Wooden Wall Art

Material: untreated pine wood

Dim: 11.25” x 35”

Item Number: NY138-SM-PB

Cream Map of Manhattan Wooden Wall Art
Cream Map of Manhattan Wooden Wall Art