Lace Earrings: Donna in Garnet

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Bring a dash of color and glamour to your look with beaded tatting lace earrings. Popular in the European courts of the 18th century, tatting is an interlacing of rings and chains formed by knots, using fingers and a shuttle. This series of knots create patterns which can be extremely intricate. Subtly floral shaping in the design is highlighted by rich burgundy beading, creating a lush and alluring effect.

Earrings are made from metalized polyester and silk threads and garnet beads. They measure 1½ inches long and 3/5 inches wide.

Lorina Balteanu innovated the technique of tatting, incorporating glass pearls and semi-precious stones into her designs, giving the lace a new sense of luxury. Each piece is entirely hand-crafted by lacemakers in her workshop in France.


** Please note that earrings are non-returnable for reasons of hygiene and safety. **


Handmade in: France

Product: metalized polyester and silk threads/semi-precious stone beads/gold plated brass hook

Dim: Hangs approx. 1.5" / 0.6 at widest

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