Thin Pink and Brass Wire Knit Necklace

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Add a note of classic glamour to your look with a knit brass wire necklace featuring sumptuous gradation tinting. This simple design lets the intricacy and artistry of the woven wire shine. Subtle enough to complement any look, this elegant necklace celebrates the beauty of classic decorative traditions.

Necklace is made from a single-strand brass wire knit that is hand colored with lacquer tints custom mixed by hand and airbrushed on, available in aqua as well as pink. It measures 16 ½ inches long with a 3-inch long adjuster chain and hook closure.

Sarah Cavender Metalworks is an expert in metal textiles such as mesh, weaving, and knotting. Local artisans under Sarah's supervision in Oxford, Alabama create pieces that are hand painted, oxidised, and patinated, bringing unique color to the base metals.

Made in: USA

Material: Brass

Dim: 16.5 long/ 3.5'' extender

Item Number: 25107