The People's Constitution: 200 Years, 27 Amendments, and the Promise of a More Perfect Union

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The 233-year story of how the American people have taken an imperfect constitution--the product of compromises and an artifact of its time--and made it more democratic

Who wrote the Constitution? That's obvious, we think: fifty-five men in Philadelphia in 1787. But much of the Constitution was actually written later, in a series of twenty-seven amendments enacted over the course of two centuries. The real history of the Constitution is the astonishing story of how subsequent generations have reshaped our founding document amid some of the most colorful, contested, and controversial battles in American political life. It's a story of how We the People have improved our government's structure and expanded the scope of our democracy during eras of transformational social change.

The People's Constitution is an elegant, sobering, and masterly account of the evolution of American democracy.


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Collaborators: Wilfred U. Codrington III (Author), John F. Kowal (Author)

Type: Hardcover

Pages: 496

Dim: 5.98" X 9.13" X 1.65"

Item Number: 9781620975619