Tarot Bangle Bracelet

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Inscribed: "0 The Fool 1 The Magician 2 The High Priestess 3 The Empress 4 The Emperor 5 The Hierophant 6 The Lovers 7 The Chariot 8 Strength 9 The Hermit 10 The Wheel of Fortune 11 Justice 12 The Hanged Man 13 Death 14 Temperance 15 The Devil 16 The Tower 17 The Star 18 The Moon 19 The Sun 20 The Judgement 21 The World" with symbols of the four suits - wands, pentacles, cups, and swords.

The Tarot is a system of symbols drawing inspiration from the ancient Middle East, Indian philosophy, and Western interpretation. The Tarot includes twenty-two numbered cards that make up the Major Arcana, or the greater secrets.

Inspired by antique and ancient jewelry inscribed with poetry and words of love, Laurel Elliott creates pieces that celebrate what we wear as a reflection of who we are and where we’ve been. Jewelry molds are made and cut by hand for casting with a technique in use since ancient times.

Made in: USA

Product: Möbius strip bangle

Material: Sterling silver

Dim: Circumference 7 5/8''  /  Ellipse  2 13/16'' x 2 ½''   /  Width  3/16'' - 5/16''

Item Number: AR12BSTG