Zig & Go: Action/Reaction

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Zig & Go: Action/Reaction
Zig & Go: Action/Reaction

It’s chain reaction, domino action with this fast moving, wood activity set! Build different layouts and tracks, then start the action and watch the reactions. 

This big set comes with many unique features: a special zig zag wall, wobble wheel, wave ramp, wheel ramps, and more. Set it up to ring the bell at the end! A beautiful, educational STEM / STEAM construction toy, with Zig & Go kids can learn spatial relations, cause and effect, potential energy, momentum, and early physics, all through engaging play.

Designed in Europe and made from the highest quality materials, the parts are solid wood, non-toxic paints, and stains. Meets and exceeds all U.S. and European testing standards.

8+ years


Product: Action/Reaction Construction Toy

Material: 48-Piece Set and Instructions to build 3 models.

Box Dims: 12.8" x 9.6" x 2.1"

Item Number: DJ05643

Zig & Go: Action/Reaction
Zig & Go: Action/Reaction