Photocity New York

$ 19.99

One photographer. One complete picture. We present 24 hours in the life of one of the world's most iconic cities. From sunrise to after sunset, from famous landmarks to lesser-known neighbourhoods, this celebration of New York is packed with local insights and visual stories to showcase what makes the city truly great.

As a chronological day-in-the-life story, this photobook captures the city's early risers to late-night clubbers, its chaotic, busy streets and oases of calm, striking architecture and green, open spaces. As a portrait of local life, it provides an intimate, insider's guide to New York, documenting its patchwork of neighborhoods and the people who call them home.

Contributors: Guillaume Gaudet and Zora O'Neill

Pages: 160

Type: Hard Cover

Dimensions:  0.7" H x 7.0" L x 8.7" W

Item Number: 9781787018129


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