NYPL The Waves (Vol. 4) Pencil Case

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NYPL The Waves (Vol. 4) Pencil Case
NYPL The Waves (Vol. 4) Pencil Case

A modernist and feminist pioneer, Virginia Woolf (1882–1941) carved out new territory for artists, particularly women writers. She wrote with sensitivity and insight about the confusion, mystery, and uncertainty of everyday life. Part of her innovation was to reject traditional plots in favor of explorations of the inner lives of her characters. Her stream-of-consciousness narratives brought sharp and fleeting glimpses into truths of gender relations, psychology, and the power of the poetic perspective.

Woolf’s 1931 novel The Waves, originally drafted in a series of seven notebooks, is among her best and most experimental works. In fact, according to a 2015 poll conducted by the BBC, The Waves was voted as the 16th greatest British novel of all time. Made up primarily of soliloquies spoken by the book’s six main characters, The Waves is interspersed with third-person interludes detailing a day at the coast. Blurring the lines between poetry and prose, The Waves was described as a “playpoem” by Woolf herself, who said the characters were not people at all, but meant to represent different facets of consciousness.

Today, the seven notebooks containing Woolf’s drafts of The Waves are a part of The New York Public Library’s Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature. 


• Within the pencil case is a smaller, removable box that can be used to store everything from paper clips and fountain pen nibs to earrings and other baubles.
• These eye-catching boxes are designed with a lid flap that folds around to create an open presentation case, displaying the treasures within.
• The wrap-around lid connects to hidden magnets embedded in the case, keeping your belongings secure during travel. The well-crafted case is sturdy and holds its shape.


    Product: Pencil case

    Materials: Threaded stitching and glue, as needed / Decorative printed cover paper

    Dim: 8¾ x 2½ x 1¼

    Item number: 7292-8

    NYPL The Waves (Vol. 4) Pencil Case
    NYPL The Waves (Vol. 4) Pencil Case