Nothing Personal: Avedon / Baldwin

$ 69.99

This meticulous reprint of Richard Avedon and James Baldwin’s searing 1964 monograph, Nothing Personal, explores the contradictions at the heart of American experience, juxtaposing subjects from Marilyn Monroe and Allen Ginsberg to mental asylum patients and the American Nazi party. A 72-page booklet features never-before-seen outtakes, correspondence, original layouts, and an essay by Pulitzer Prize winner Hilton Als.

Baldwin’s four-part essay offers a critique of a society that is disconnected, unjust and divisive, and therefore in the midst of an existential crisis. In a highly personal and pertinent testimony, he writes about his own experience of harassment by a racist police officer in his native New York City. Yet Baldwin, like Avedon, ends his work with the inescapable need for – and power of – love.

Contributors: Richard Avedon and James Baldwin

Pages: 160

Type:  Hardcover with booklet in slipcase, 10.6 x 14.2 in

Item Number: 9783836569538

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