Mova Rotating Satellite with Clouds Cube Globe

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Bring a tranquil point of focus to a room or office with Mova Globe’s perpetual motion. Glimpse Earth's natural beauty as seen from outer space, captured by NASA satellite imagery. It's a vantage point that few will ever have the privilege of seeing firsthand. Swirls of white clouds punctuate the green and blue land and water. As the globe gently rotates, it creates an immersive visual experience, as if you're traveling alongside the astronauts for an unforgettable, unparalleled perspective of our impressive planet.

Handcrafted Mova Globes use hidden solar cells powered by ambient light, while the earth’s magnetic field provides the necessary torque, allowing the globe to rotate within a clear five-inch cube.


Dim: 5'' x 5''

Item Number: MC-5-STE-C