Mosaic: War Monument Mystery

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The Korean War is now America's seminal war. It was the first war conducted with the new United Nations, the first war fought against the Chinese Communists, and the first war we didn't win. We've not had a win since 1945. Today, nuclear tensions between North Korea and the United States have heightened the uncertainty of lives in America, the Pacific Rim, and throughout the world.

On these pages are stories of the men and women, some hero's, a few devils. Frank Gaylord sculpted nineteen warriors, Richard Stilwell fought to his death to get them built and Rosemary McCarthy assured that women would be remembered in a memorial. Along this path, one man had created obstacles to impede building the Lincoln Memorial and another most unlikely man became the surprising champion of design quality as a national effort, ensuring we would have a Lincoln Memorial. Not to forget the terror present in North Korea--a system run by a war-mongering dictator in contrast to the South, a vital, working democracy where the results of the Korean War are more than apparent and not forgotten.

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Author: Louis Nelson

Type: Paperback

Pages: 222

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