Lovecraft: Cthulhu Mythos Tales

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Explore the world and work of one of the first dark fantasy and horror writers. 

This collection of 23 short stories by H. P. Lovecraft explores the ancient cosmic entities known as the Great Old Ones, buried in a deep sleep beneath the earth and incomprehensible to humans. For the few mortals who dare to glimpse this unknowable world, the result is a complete disconnection from what was once considered reality. Lovecraft's stories are grim, horrifying, fantastical—and fascinating. This edition features endpapers with a vividly-colored, enigmatic design.

Perfect for fans of the macabre and fantastical, this collection is part of the Word Cloud Classics series, which provides an introduction to classic works of literature in a fresh format. With heat burnished covers and foil stamping, these eye-catching editions make great gifts for lovers of literature.

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Author: H. P. Lovecraft

Type: Flexibound Imitation Leather

Pages: 624

Dim: 5.25'' x 7.75''

Item Number: 9781684121335