How to Think Like a Cat

$ 19.95

Calm, free, charismatic, wise, elegant, self-assured -- our beloved feline pets strut those traits that we humans spend a lifetime aspiring to. No wonder everybody wants to be more like a cat.

Whether at work, at home, or in your social life, your cat can teach you how to manage stress, cultivate independence, and live life on your terms. Peppered with humorous yet inspiring tips for living a day in the life of a cat, cat secrets from the author's cat Ziggy, and a quiz to assess your "cat quotient," How to Think Like a Cat is an inspiring, humorous, and remarkably insightful guide to the subtle art of living like a feline.

Author:  Stéphane Garnier

Type: Hard Cover

Pages: 176

Dim:  0.7" H x 8.3" L x 5.8" W

Item Number: 9780062845016

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