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Discover the wonders of ancient Egypt through a fascinating journal from a lost expedition — a treasure trove of fact and fantasy featuring a novelty element on every spread.
Who can resist the allure of ancient Egypt — and the thrill of uncovering mysteries that have lain hidden for thousands of years? Not the feisty Miss Emily Sands, who in 1926, four years after the discovery of King Tut's tomb, led an expedition up the Nile in search of the tomb of the god Osiris. Alas, Miss Sands and crew soon vanished into the desert, never to be seen again. But luckily, her keen observations live on in the form of a lovingly kept journal, full of drawings, photographs, booklets, foldout maps, postcards, and many other intriguing samples.

Product Features: An extravagantly gilded cover, featuring a raised Horus hawk pendant with three encrusted gems  / a playable game of Senet — ancient Egyptian checkers — including board, pieces, original-style dice, and rules  / a souvenir booklet showing how to read simple hieroglyphs  / a scrap of textured "mummy cloth" /  a facsimile of the gilded mummy mask of King Tut  /  a gilded eye-of-Horus amulet with a "jewel" at the end

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Author: Emily Sands / Dugald Steer

Illustrator:  Nick Harris  / Helen Ward / Ian Andrew

Type: Hardcover

Pages: 32

Dim: 10.3'' x 0.8'' x 12.1''

Item Number: 9780763626389

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