Computer Letterpress Print

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Archie's Press has created a model illustrating the "origins" of computers, combining a few layers of abstraction and the necessary parts.

The idea of a "computer" has changed drastically over the years. These days our phones, cars, and TVs are basically just computers. Explore the innerworkings of this ever-increasingly ubiquitous part of daily life.

Archie Archambault is a designer and printer living in New York. His designs are letterpress printed: the image is a raised surface that is pressed into the paper, giving it a deep tactile impression. Most of the rules of graphic design owe some debt to letterpress. Typesetters would painstakingly assemble every single individual character into sheets of text, newspapers, leaflets and much much more. Since every printed word needed to be manually aligned, strict standards of layout, spacing, kerning, and leading were developed.

Made in: USA

Product: Letterpress Art Print

Dim: 8'' x 8''

Item Number: COMPUTER