Bibliophile Diverse Spines Notes: 20 Notecards

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Send a greeting celebrating diverse books with these beautifully illustrated themed bookstack notecards. This richly illustrated collection of notecards celebrates the works of those underrepresented in the literary world.  With themes ranging from beloved novels to essential cookbooks, there’s a card for book lovers of all tastes. 

Part of Jane Mount’s Bibliophile collection. Jane Mount is an award-winning illustrator and designer and the founder of Ideal Bookshelf. She makes things for people who love books, including paintings of books that have changed people’s lives. Let great works of literature, classic and contemporary, inspire you.


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Product:  20 Different Notecards & Envelopes in box

Dim: 1.5" H x 5.6" L x 4.4" W

Item Number: 9781452167244