Albert Einstein Pint Glass

$ 15.00

Finally, a glass to complement your crazy hair. Really sets off a white moustache. (Now wipe the milk off your upper lip.) Obeys all the laws of gravity! Fill with milk. Dip your cookies. Enjoy the Movement of Small Particles Suspended in Stationary Liquids. How else would you toast your Annus mirabilis? For old times’ sake, have a glass of milk and a Newton.

When it’s time to celebrate your favorite physicist, lab partner, or professor, who better to present?

Printed with eco-friendly ceramic ink for a raised rough texture. Because the ink fires on at temperatures of up to 1,200°F and becomes part of the finish, the image doesn’t peel, flake, or scratch.

Made in: USA

Product: Dishwasher safe Pint Glass

Material: Glass

Size:16 oz.



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