Bluetooth Earbuds

$ 90.00

Air Twins is designed to create a new combination of Wireless Earbuds and Power Bank. By integrating a smart spinnable cover on the power bank, Air Twins becomes a simple and stylish gadget that simultaneously charge your mobile devices and listening to music without the annoying wires anytime, anywhere. As easy as a tap on the earbuds, it transform into an earphone and your siri receiver with stable wireless connectivity.

True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earphone with 2,800mAh Power Case. Additional 60 hours battery reserve via case / Extra USB output and charge up to 100% iPhone 7.

Charging Time: 3 hours

Play Time: Up to 5 hours

Product: Wireless Headphones / Hands-free built-in microphone / 2,800mAh Power Case

Dimensions:  4''

Item Number: BE200

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