Homework for Grown-ups: Everything You Learnt at School...and Promptly Forgot

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Have you ever stared blankly at your kids when they’ve asked why the sky is blue? Or clumsily changed the subject when they’ve wanted to know why the wind blows? If you’re done with school, it’s likely you’re also done knowing the difference between an isosceles and equilateral triangle, and you probably leave participles dangling all over the place. Well, not anymore! Gain back your self-respect and actually show those kids a thing or two as you tell it to them straight (and not make it up from fragments of facts you kind of remember).

Packed with all the basic facts that have managed to free-fall from our heads over the years, Homework for Grown-ups is the ultimate grammar school refresher course in book form. In fact, there’s even a quiz at the end of each chapter to ensure you’ve been paying attention! This fun and handy guide is written in the light, engaging style of a favorite teacher and features lessons in English, math, history, science, geography, art, and even home economics and recess.

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Author: E. Foley & B. Coates

Type: Hardcover

Dimensions: 5.7'' x 1.2'' x 8.5''

Item Number: 9780767932387