Softcover Midnight Rebel Journal

$ 15.95

Taking their slightly sullen cues from previous artistic movements, the New Romantics of the 1980s brought their hairstyles and attitudes to new prominence. The Midnight Rebel journal celebrates the drama that made the New Romantic movement some of the most ironic good times popular culture has ever had.


Product: Softcover Flexis Journal


Mini: 240 Lined 

Midi: 176 Lined

Ultra: 176 Lined

Material: Strong and long lasting cover that imitates leather / Bound by the smythe sewn method withstands the ravages of time/ Ribbon marker

Paper: 120 gsm, Acid-free, and sustainable forest paper


Mini: 4'' x 5½''

Midi: 5'' x 7''

Ultra: 7'' x 9''

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