Two Souls One Heart (Deux Ames un Coeur) Ring

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Inscribed in French: "Deux Ames un Coeur" - Two souls one heart. This silver or gold ring is engraved with a poesy inscription that expresses the essence of betrothal and marriage. The original of the 16th century ring was recorded by scholars but is now lost. The engraving is in an elegant modern font with rounded serifs on tiny capital letters. A ring that will appeal to a modern couple with a taste for history.

A note from Laurel Elliot, DVB designer: "I hope the pieces in our collections will resonate with your individual experiences, express your hopes, desires and dreams, and, when worn, serve as a daily reminder of your past and inspiration for your future."


Material: Sterling Silver

Sizes: 6 through 9

Item Number: ST156RSTG