Rose Main Reading Room Triple Drop Rosette Earrings

$ 100.00

The Rose Main Reading Room Rosette Jewelry Collection

At the heart of the Stephen A. Schwarzman building is the majestic Rose Main Reading Room, one of the largest uncolumned interior spaces in the world. James Wall Finn's celestial ceiling mural soars above the room, surrounded by ornate rosettes and recessed panels called coffers. These panels are embellished with vines, leaves, cherubs, satyr masks, fruit, and other classical motifs.

The Rose Main Reading Room Rosette Collection takes its inspiration from the decorative plaster rosettes that ornament the ceiling. Our rosettes are cast in red bronze and made exclusively for The New York Public Library.

Made in: USA

Product: Rosette earrings with French Wire

Material: Red Bronze and Pearls

Dim:  2'' Pendent  

Item Number: NSE401XNYL

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