Desert Green Mr. Wattson Headlight Table Lamp

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Mr. Wattson from Piffany Copenhagen is a fascinating lamp, bound to spread light and joy in your home.

The lamp’s adjustable body and long legs ensures that it can be placed wherever you see fit. Perhaps with a straight back on the windowsill or with a more relaxed posture on your bookshelf?

This lamp could be an entertaining and flexible addition to a child’s room and it would work just as well in your kitchen. Regardless of where you place the lamp, it’s bound to bring joy to the people around it.

Mr. Wattson is produced from ash and aluminum and is available in a range of colors, as well as in a smaller version.


Technical Features:

  • Light source: 2.5W G4 - 200 Lumen
  • Dimmable: No
  • Cable: Brown
  • Cable: 2500 mm


Product: White Table lamp

Material: Wood & Metal

Dim: Width: 6.10" / Height: 7.08"-15.7" / 

Item Number: NA-12V-SWR-VW