Foiled Document Folder

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Foiled Document Folder
Foiled Document Folder

The timeless beauty of an antique leather journal is brought into the present with this intricately embellished Foil design. Renaissance leather bindings were often dyed rich shades of red to highlight the intricate gold-tooled embellishments that adorned them. The deep red hue of this design captures the vibrancy and lightness of style characteristic of these antique books. 

Gold tooling as a decorative technique is a hallmark of Renaissance-era bookbinding. With a bold foliage pattern, the Foiled design pays homage to this delicate craft of gold tooling, originally brought to Europe via the flourishing trade routes to the East.


  • Can hold up to 40 sheets of A4 paper
  • Magnetic closure with 3 pairs of magnets keeps it securely fastened
  • Expandable fabric sides
  • Interior lining made from kraft paper for an organic feel

    Product: Document folder

    Materials: 100% recycled binder boards / Threaded stitching and glue / Decorative printed cover paper

    Dims: 13" x 9.25" x .25"

    Item number: 54740

    Foiled Document Folder
    Foiled Document Folder