Flint Document Folder

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Flint Document Folder
Flint Document Folder

Capturing the flavor of Renaissance-style bound books, the Flint design pays homage to the timeless beauty of an antique leather journal and the craft of delicate gold tooling, The style was inspired by one of the softest, most pliable forms of leather. 

Since the late 16th century, fine Morocco leather has been valued for use in luxury book bindings due to its strength and ability to show off gilding. This design incorporates a textured white coloring reminiscent of chalk, flint, or limestone, adding an edginess to the look of finely wrought leather. A subtle foliage pattern completes the elegant, minimalist design.


  • Can hold up to 40 sheets of A4 paper
  • Magnetic closure with 3 pairs of magnets keeps it securely fastened
  • Expandable fabric sides
  • Interior lining made from kraft paper for an organic feel

Product: Document folder

Materials: 100% recycled binder boards / Threaded stitching and glue / Decorative printed cover paper

Dim: 13" x 9.25" x .25"

Item number: 54757

Flint Document Folder
Flint Document Folder