9 Presents for Jane Austen Fans

As the weather grows colder, blankets, fireplaces, and hot cocoa seem more and more inviting. And every winter night needs a good book, who better to read than the keen pen and page-turning wit of Jane Austen?

1. Prideful Purple Socks

Jane Austen Socks

Snuggling up with a good book shouldn't give you cold feet. Keep your toes toasty with this quote from Pride and Prejudice.

Slip on some cozy quotes.

2. Cover Design T-Shirt

Pride and Prejudice T-Shirt

For those of you who thought, "well, socks are nice, but I want something a little more visible."

Try this shirt on for size.

3. Quote Covered Mug

Jane Austen Mug

Sip, quaff, and swig your favorite beverage from this mug filled to the brim with choice quotes.

Fill that mug shaped hole in your life.

4. Wise Words Tote

NYPL Jane Austen Tote Bag

When it's time to venture out of the house, where are you going to put your books? In this tote bag, of course!

Your book toting tote awaits.

5. What Would Jane Do?

What Would Jane Do?

If you're lost, in need of direction, or yearning for a proper quip, this tiny (but mighty) book will have the perfect pithy phrase.

Crack open your book.

6. Book Cover Pouch

Pride and Prejudice Pouch

Need a stash for the letters from your secret admirer? This pouch can hide them perfectly. (Also perfect for phones, pens, wallets, and the bits and bobs at the bottom of a bag.

Pick yours up.

7. Pocket-Sized Enamel Book Pin

Pride and Prejudice Enamel Book Pin

A mini Elizabeth Bennet who would look stunning on your jacket, your bag, your hat, your shirt, your-- you get the picture.

Wear your pride on your sleeve.

8. Silver Heart Necklace

Jane Austen Heart Necklace

A quote from the Jane Austen Prayers, a simple reminder in sterling silver, and beautiful heart to wear by your own.

Inspiration awaits.

9. Inspiring Journal

Jane Austen Journal

Whether you're journaling, observing life, or writing drafts of your future memoirs, you can't do better than this leatherette journal.

Let your pen write on gilded edge paper.

Get your order in by December 14th to ensure arrival by December 24th.

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