5 NYPL Shop Must-Haves for Teachers

Best back-to-school ever! It’s time to set up the classroom and get ready for the new semester. This year, we've got a great selection for teachers of all kinds. Plus, stay tuned for a chance to win one of our favorite back-to-school titles! And don’t forget to visit the Shop for our in-store 10% discount for all students, teachers, and librarians.

1. For the Art Teacher


Take it from the master, we all are still learning every daywhich is exactly what this NYPL tote bag proclaims with its timeless quote. Michelangelo would also approve of this gorgeous, leather bound, marble edged journal that is reminiscent of the Renaissance but perfect for your ideas today. Top it off with a Blackwing pencil set: an incredibly popular writing tool of choice for authors like John Steinbeck and E.B. White.

Pack it up, and get ready to write!

2. For the New Teacher


New teachers need all the help they can get. These two titles, Why Teach and How Children Succeed are full of inspiration and insight for the brand new school year. Plus, there’s the perfect accessory for your fridge or desk: a magnet that proudly declares “Teachers Always Welcome!”

Read for success, and get magnetic.

3. For the Musical Teacher


We’re only a little obsessed with this new gadget from Hoveric! A gravity-defying wireless speaker that rotates above a magnetic base, offering 360 degrees of fantastic sound; an incredibly cool gift for anyone with high standards for their music listening sessions. Pair it with How Music Works, a comprehensive and fascinating book about the musical arts, by Talking Heads alum David Byrne.

Listen well, and read the music.

4. For the Elementary School Teacher


Hauling all of the necessary materials to mold tomorrow’s minds can be daunting. Thankfully, this teacher’s tote bag is up to the task! Beautifully decorated in the style of a vintage art nouveau notebook, it can hold workbooks, gold stars, and more without breaking a sweat—including She Persisted, a new picture book from Chelsea Clinton. Featuring 13 American women who changed the world, this is a perfect storytime for feminists of all ages.

Tote your new favorite picture book!

5. For the Science Teacher


It’s a lamp…that looks like a lamp! This desktop accent is two-dimensional, and is wonderfully alight. Use the gentle, LED beam to read the fun, educational Women in Science. Rachel Ignotofsky writes and illustrates the lives of 50 awesome ladies who changed the world. Her books are positively bursting with fun facts and inspiration from STEM women, from ancient times to today. Stay tuned for our next post: it includes a conversation with Rachel and a chance to WIN a copy of her book!

Light up your favorite reading nook; dive into your new favorite science book!


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