5 Gift Ideas for the Class of 2017

Another class of graduates is moving on and up! Whether they’re wrapping up kindergarten or a PhD, the Library Shop is stocked with gifts for your favorite grad.

1. A timeless classic and an elegant desk globe

A timeless classic and an elegant desk globe

Dr. Seuss's adventure book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is an undisputed inspiration for all ages. For a personalized gift, have your grad’s family and friends sign and customize a copy for a priceless memory! Pair it perfectly with a MOVA globe, a state-of-the-art wonder powered by the energy of room light and the force of the earth's magnetic field.

“Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”

Read the classic, navigate the globe!

2. Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom

Life after school doesn’t mean life after book bags! This bright NYPL tote features the Library’s logo and poet Mark Strand’s encouraging quote, “The future is always beginning now.” And, if your grad is struck in the heart with fear at the thought of “adulting,” Stuff Every Graduate Should Know has ‘em covered, with tips for staying in shape, building a professional wardrobe, throwing a real dinner party, and everything else a newly minted grown-up needs to know.

Load up your tote with some post-grad literature.

3. A place for real-world thoughts, ideas, and grocery lists

A place for real-world thoughts, ideas, and grocery lists

If anyone ever had it together, it was probably the endlessly talented Michelangelo. But his motto “ancora imparo,” Italian for “I am still learning,” is a reminder that we are all ongoing students of life, and the next great discovery is just ahead. This beautiful, leather-bound journal bears his words in gold script, and can be accompanied with an exquisite Kaweco fountain pen.

Put pen to paper!

4. Letters for the present and future

Letters for the present and future

Perfect for grads of all ages, this installation of the Letters to...Series is a paper time capsule! This set includes fold-and-mail letters for friends and family to write, seal, and send at a later date. Prompts such as “I wish someone had given me this advice!” ensure memories and wisdom are preserved for a lifetime.

Start writing today!

5. An opportunity of a lifetime
An opportunity of a lifetime

The Young Lions is a membership group for New Yorkers in their 20s and 30s who are committed to supporting the work of The New York Public Library. Yearly members’ events include talks with authors and industry leaders, cocktail parties, and more—a truly priceless gift of access and entertainment. For more information, see our Young Lions Q&A below!

Sign your grad up!

A Conversation with Taylor Dietz, who leads the charge for NYPL's Young Lions program

In a nutshell, who are the Young Lions (YL)?

The Young Lions is comprised of a dynamic group of patrons in their 20s and 30s who are committed to supporting the Library’s mission of providing free and open access to knowledge, education, and opportunity. YL meets throughout the year for a variety of events — literary salons, author talks, happy hours, and tours of cool and unusual places in the city.

Who are some of the members (then & now)?

One of our most prominent and engaged Young Lions was Ethan Hawke, who helped found the Young Lions Fiction Award, whereby each year we award a prize to an emerging writer. We've also had members evolve within the life of the Library to become members of the Board of Trustees, which is incredible. Generally, YL members represent myriad different industries—from publishing to finance to law—but share a common desire to engage with the world through the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

When does the group meet?

We hold 15-20 events throughout the year at a variety of places: the Library, members’ homes, cultural institutions throughout the city, and the occasional rooftop bar! One of our most popular events is the Fiction Awards ceremony, a special spring event which attracts more than 400 guests—from Library donors to celebrity attendees. It’s a spectacular celebration and important literary event that honors the most exciting new voices in literature today.

What are events like?

YL events are fun and engaging. We create totally unique experiences and provide exclusive access, like an opportunity to see a Shakespeare First Folio in the flesh, or take a behind-the-scenes tour of a recently-opened exhibition.

How does YL affect the Library and the community?

The YL program exposes the Library’s critical mission to younger generations. Some people still view the Library as a stuffy place that holds dusty old books—irrelevant in today’s fast-paced, digital world. Nothing could be further from the truth! The Library is a vital resource that serves so many diverse communities and constituencies: from artists, researchers, and scholars to underprivileged students, adult learners, and immigrants seeking English language instruction. YL members spread this urgent message to their friends and colleagues.

Why should a recent grad become a Young Lion?

There is truly no better place to meet intellectually curious, socially engaged—and fun!—people your own age. Plus, you get to hang out in one of the most iconic buildings in all of New York City. A YL membership is an introduction to a welcoming peer community and a fulfilling city life.

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