5 Father’s Day Gifts for the Classic Dad

There’s not really a “classic” Dad: they’re all over the map in when it comes to style, hobbies, and interests. (Except when it comes to sweeping the garage. Every dad has a gold standard of perfection when it comes to sweeping the garage.) Father’s Day is June 18, and NYPL’s Shop has exactly what you need. (No, it’s not another tie, though we do have them!)

1. For the Dad Who’s an Old Soul

Penned in 1858, Walt Whitman's Guide to Manly Health and Training is a collection of recently-discovered columns and essays the American poet wrote under a pseudonym. Filled with eclectic advice on health, diet, and fashion, it’s a perfect guide for the classic gentleman. 

Read the guide, and learn the rules!

2. For Dad’s Night In

We all need some time to ourselves! For the dad who likes his creature comforts, this NYPL-branded bistro mug is perfect whether he prefers coffee, tea, or cocoa. Pair it with a beautiful leather catch-all, crafted in Italy by Luca Natalzia (see our interview with their co-owner below!). Stamped with NYPL’s vintage logo, the classic design goes with any interior, and keeps necessities like keys and cards at his fingertips.

Catch it all while you have a cup.

3. For the Meticulous Dad

A perpetual calendar and ruler, this exquisite tool is a beautiful desktop decoration that measures time and space! One side displays the month and day of the week; the other is a 12-inch, brass ruler.

Measure it out.

4. For the History Buff Dad

If he’s an avid armchair historian, History by the Meter is the perfect (practical!) gift. From year 0 CE to present day, this ruler lists the major events of 2000 years in as many millimeters. Plus, there’s a colonial-era George Washington’s Rules of Civility, the founding father’s guide to decent behavior. All 110 maxims are brief but powerful rules of etiquette and moral issues, including the timeless, final rule: "Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire, called conscience."

Learn by the meter, and get civilized!

5. For the Refined Dad

Simple, elegant, and versatile! This leather case, engraved with a vintage NYPL stamp, is another beautiful creation by Luca Natalzia. Designed to carry and protect important items like reading glasses, this Italian design is timeless and endlessly useful.

Carry it classy!

A Conversation with Laura Natalzia, co-owner of Luca Natalzia

Luca Natalzia is the bindery and design studio that handmakes the Shop’s NYPL-branded journals and accessories.

Where are you from?
We are located in Italy, near Rome.

How did the bindery get started?
The bookbinding workshop is a family-owned company that first opened in 1910.

Who is your biggest design inspiration?
Our inspiration comes from the past. Our journals are inspired by medieval- and Renaissance-era materials and workmanship. But we never forget that we live in the present, and that above all a journal, or a leather object, is meant to last for many years. The past, present, and future must live in every article we craft.

When did you start creating?
It started before me! Our generation is continuing and enhancing the work started by the generation before us. We strive to keep the secrets and passions of those who came before us.

What's your favorite part of creating these items?
Journals! We do bookbinding, bags, and leather accessories, but journals are the most important business for us. We produce about 15-20 new leather designs per year. We express our creativity best through our leather journal collection.

What inspired the NYPL-branded collection?
We visited the Library and were inspired by both its charm and sense of history. The collection was born!

What are you reading now?
A thriller by Italian writer Andrea Camilleri, L’altro capo del filo (The Other End of the Thread).

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