Gifts for the Library Lover

Gifts for the Library Lover

1. Neil Gaiman Tote Bag

Neil Gaiman Tote Bag

Fill this canvas bag from our Wise Words collection with dreams and still have space in the inner pocket for material things. Like your keys.

Begin your literary journey here.

2. Mini Book Light

Mini Book Light

Read in any circumstance with this powerful LED lamp that can fit in your pocket. Did we mention it can charge your phone, too?

Find your pocket sized super book here.


3. Library Card Scarf

Library Card Scarf

We’re all a little nostalgic for date stamps and paper library cards. Wear your happy memories with style in this cotton/silk scarf.

Celebrate nostalgia here.

4. When in Doubt Tee

When in Doubt Go to the Library T-Shirt

Whether you’re a fan or looking for some sage advice, Hermione’s words ring true. Show that proudly with this 100% cotton shirt.

For witches and wizards of all sorts.


5. Library Stamp Desk Caddy

Library Stamp Desk Caddy

The stamp is from the start of the New York Public Library. The wood is reclaimed heart of pine. Your desk is infinitely cooler and a touch neater. You’re welcome.

Treat yourself here.


6. Tequila Mockingbird

Tequila Mockingbird

Filled to the brim with literary references and puns (Gin Eyre anyone?). This cocktail book is the ideal chaser to a long day for those more liquidly inclined.

Get your literary drink on here.


7. Card Catalog

Card Catalog

Invigorate To Do lists into by writing them on the back of classics like Moby Dick. Then put them in the matching envelope and file away. Like a real card catalog!

Spruce up your notecards here.

8. Due Date Tie

Due Date Tie

This silk tie transports you back to the time when library books had to be stamped by hand, marginalia roamed free, and the scent of books filled the air. (Scent of books not included.)

But you can get the tie here.


9. Quote Magnet Set

Quote Magnet Set

Does that wall/fridge/lamp look a little bare? Is life lacking that certain dose of inspiration?


Spruce it up with our Wise Words magnet set.


10. Shakespeare Quote Necklace

Shakespeare Necklace

A gift for fierce ladies of all statures. That Hermia is sure to love the sterling silver quote and lion. (Reads: “Although she be but little, she is fierce.”)

Get your bold necklace here.


11. Banned Books Bracelet

Banned Books Bracelet

This lead-free banned book bracelet is a perfect accessory for that librarian who wishes Banned Book Week could be every day of the year.

Serious banned swag here.


12. Fran Lebowitz Quote Mug

Fran Lebowitz Mug

This 11 oz mug from our Wise Words collection does have some good advice and another reason to love books. (And it’s dishwasher and microwave safe, to boot.)

Fill your head here.


13. Punk Rock Authors Tote

Punk Rock Authors Tote

Finally! A tote for the book lover with an attitude.

Click here to get yours.


14. Library Stamp Pouch

Red Vintage Library Stamp Pouch

Tote too big? Try a canvas pouch adorned with the vintage stamp once used at the NYPL.

Comes in Red (pictured), Light Denim (also pictured),Gray, Black, and Dark Denim, too!


15. Raven Scarf

Raven Scarf

Share your darker side by wearing this cotton infinity scarf with the entire Poe poem. Soon enough, you’ll be looking at other scarves and saying “Nevermore!”

Make Poe proud and head here.


16. Book Stack Earrings

Book Stack Earrings

Never be too far from a good book with these earrings.

Available in Gold and Silver.


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